Smoking a Pipe With Tutankhamun: Noodler’s Walnut Ink

I’m in search of a fountain pen ink, but I’m not sure where to find it.

I’m looking for something that conveys the feeling of old writing. Something that looks old-timey. I want sepia, but inks called “Sepia” are too light. Something I can tolerate looking at over an entire page. Something neutral and dark and antiquey. Something that has a certain feel.

Noodler’s Nightshade, for example, has a certain feel. When I look at it I think Edgar Allan Poe. Arsenic and old lace. Dead roses. I like it, but a whole page of it at times brings out a predominant purple quality that’s too light. It takes a long time to dry — quite long on Rhodia webnotebook paper.

I also want something that can do well on cheap paper. I’m finding that some inks spread on yellow legal pad as if written with a mushy felt tip pen.

I hadn’t tried brown inks yet, so I ordered the Browns, Chocolate ink sample package from Goulet Pens. Maybe here …

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