You Can Leave It Blank if You Want


Q: Do you have to write anything at all? Couldn’t you just leave it blank?

A: You can leave it blank if you want. That’s your record, right? Some people tell me that over a whole year they only wrote in it once and they just can’t use it right. But it’s only a planner, you don’t have to worry about using it right or wrong. You are what is important, so if you left your planner blank, well what’s the problem?

We make the Hobonichi Planners and sell them, but the Planner isn’t what is really important. The one left standing on the stage is you yourself, the one using it. That’s really important to remember.

It’s odd, there’s a guy in the office here who never writes in his Planner, but always carries it around with him. He says he likes having it with him. And he likes the cover. He has no intention of using it, but always has it with him.

Tom Vincent interviews Shigesato Itoi, creator of the Hobonichi Techo

Photo: ACF